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It all started officially on Dec 25 1965 with a 3 pieced red sparkle Kent set.

He played with many bands all through his school age days. The most memorable for him was playing at a church dance and he wore a baseball hat with horns on it. The booking agency jumped him on that one.

While in the military he was involved with several bands. One of them was a funk band and the other was a country western band.

Since then he has jammed with many people through out the greater Washington / Baltimore metro area to include but not limited to, Centerline, Dyslexic head, No brainers, Blaze, Gene Pool Zombie.

Presently plays a 6 piece DW, Blue Glass color. Cymbal sets are Zildjian Z series, Paiste 2002 Red label, and the old standard Zildjian from the 60ís..

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